Sunday, 14 August 2016


This DIY Felt Flower Brooch from thelittlefeltflower is so easy to make and can be made in lots of colour mixes. The process of making them is really easy and quick too. The tutorial uses a Hot Glue Gun - watch out they are really Hot!! so be careful. If you don't have a Glue Gun- then simply stitch on the leaves with a few stitches to secure, and Whip Stitch the back circle & square then stitch on the pin.This is a Free download with pattern and is a perfect project for beginners. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Whip Stitch is great to use in places where it isn't so easy to do a Blanket Stitch for example when an edge of felt lies on a flat piece of felt. The example below shows the Whip Stitch used on two edges of felt, but it can be used to attach ribbon also. Thelittlefeltflower patterns and tutorials uses this stitch on a few patterns, the woodland pack tree is one example

The Back Stitch is used to join pieces of felt together, the seams can be hidden by opening the seam out and turning stitch to the inside. The seam is used in Thelittlefeltflower patterns and tutorials when the seam is usually hidden, creating a smooth finish and stronger seam.

Running Stitch Quick Guide

The Running stitch is a simple basic stitch to create a straight even line of stitches. It can be used to join felt pieces together, as a top decorative stitch or to hold pieces together. It can be used as a stitch guide line using large loose  stitches before stitching on the sewing machine. Thelittlefeltflower pattern use a lot of blanket stitch, this Running stitch is a good stitch to learn but you will find the blanket stitch is used more often in the tutorials because of the more decorative finish the stitch gives.

Attach a ribbon loop on blanket stitch

In a lot of thelittlefeltflower projects there are ribbon loops to hang the felt project. I use two methods to attach the ribbon either a blanket style stitch or a whip stitch the below example is with a blanket stitch. The size of the ribbon which is 1cm wide allows you to create a neat continuation of the blanket stitch.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Quick Recommended guide to start your felt project

The below infographics are quick guides to get started crafting with felt. They are simply recommendations of what you may need, there are no hard and fast rules - so have fun and get creative with felt. The Tutorials & PDF patterns which can be downloaded at thelittlefeltflower come with a materials and tools list and on the Etsy listing there is a list in the descriptions for each pattern.